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Matte Paint Care

The following article has been supplied by Martin from the  Bears Wax Factory An online retailer of specialist products for matte paint finish cars:


With the ever increasing popularity of Matte and Satin paint finishes on top end cars from the likes of BMW and Mercedes the question is how, “How do I look after it”, is often as raised.

The reply often given is don’t use anything on it and don’t wash it.


Both of the above are incorrect because you do of course need to look after these finishes just as you would a modern gloss clear coated finish. However using regular products is indeed a big no no.


It is important that we understand the difference between shiny and matte finishes before we continue.

matte finish car care









The above shows an even clear coat which creates a flat reflective finish on glossy.

This second diagram shows how the uneven matte paint diffuses light creating a visibly non reflective surface.


Matte car paint









Think about it. The smoother your paint feels when you have prepared it the glossier it looks.



So what does this mean? Well conventional polishes, sealants and waxes are designed to smooth and fill imperfections to make the paint smooth and reflect light which means that conventional products will over time fill in the matte finish and gradually make it shiny. It won’t become a nice gloss finish though, just look like a ruined matte finish.


So now we understand why you shouldn’t use conventional products we get back to where we started. How do I look after a matte finish?



Use products designed for matte paint of course. There are a few companies now making excellent products specifically designed for this purpose so rest assured you will be able to look after your paint.


The process: Wash your car with a MATTE body wash shampoo. These do not contain the normal glossing agents and waxes/fillers so won’t start to fill in those rough edges we need.



Miss out what would normally be the next step, claying. DO NOT clay a matte finish. The clay will just try to smooth out the surface. Instead use a MATTE SPECIFIC paint cleanser. Your paint needs to be prepared before sealing it and a cleanser will removes stubborn marks. The cleanser will help make sure your paint is free of contaminants ready for sealing.


Next use a matte paint sealant. This is not a wax and so will not “fill in” your matte paint. It simply leaves a molecule thick layer of protection on the paint surface so that your matte paint is never without protection.


Another diagram demonstrates this and shows how the sealant follows the uneven lines of a matte finish.

How To Look After Matte Finish Cars










That’s your paint washed prepared and protected. The only thing left is to maintain the finish in between washing. Do this with a MATTE SPECIFIC quick detailing spray. Just spray and wipe to get rid rid of bird droppings, finger marks etc. This does not replace properly sealing your paint but does keep it looking fresh and removes minor marks. Obviously this shouldn’t be used to scrub off big build ups of dirt, that will more than likely result sin damage to the paint but for in between washing and light soiling this is just the job and well worth keeping in the car as those pesky bird droppings can cause havoc if they are not quickly removed.


So there you go, matte paint care summed up. Easy really isn’t it.


If you are still not sure have a look at these video tutorials. http://www.drbeasleys.com/blog/2012/06/06/matte-car-care-product-videos/


Thanks to Dr Beasley’s for the use of the diagrams and videos. More information here http://www.drbeasleys.com/matte-faq.html and matte products available in the UK here http://www.bearswaxfactory.co.uk/matt-and-satin-paint–wrap-protection-34-c.asp





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